Openness has always been my thing. A perusal of this blog should confirm that I rarely hold much in reserve. However, I’m now changing that habit of a lifetime. On all matters tumour-related I am going to keep shtum for a while following this.

I have been advised to do so by those wiser than me who have earned the right to be listened to.  It has been suggested to me that I might come to regret splurging my thoughts to an audience of, well, anyone when it comes to the difficult times ahead. It is, after all, my wife rather than I who has to endure the brunt of this journey and she doesn’t even read the blog (she gets enough of my self-analysis at home!), less still chooses what to divulge. Furthermore, it may appear exploitative to treat these happenings as an opportunity to produce material… and somewhat false – to be constantly striving to present a reasonably stated trust in God’s purposes, however true, whilst neglecting to represent that private part of me that screams panic!

So, as a final word on the matter. the appointment with the neuro-surgeon made clear that things were worse and more pressing than imagined (although not immediately life-threateningly so). Major brain surgery almost certainly awaits in the next few months and where that takes us… well I’ll write all about it with hindsight I’m sure. For now, your well-wishes are much appreciated – keep praying and supporting and I’ll continue writing, albeit on matters of slightly less immediate significance!


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    hello just stopped by to read your blog

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