And then the blogging stopped… Sorry about that anyone who may have missed me these past couple of weeks. Truth is, having banned myself from tumour-related blogging, I subsequently found I had little else on my mind. Furthermore, this turns out to be the busy season, and I deemed the blog to be rather less deserving of my attentions than either work or my wife. If it’s any consolation, I never found any time to get on with watching my Heroes boxset either…

Even now I’m not entirely sure what to write. I’m not convinced the next week is looking any more free than the last – quite the opposite – so, whilst some may still be checking this page I guess I just want to put a couple of things down for the record.


God is being good. I always thought this was something people said through gritted teeth during tough times, whilst in reality wondering why He was being quite so harsh. However, in our case at least He really really is. I won’t go into details and contravene my own rules, but many prayers have been answered of late in our lives – things are changing in a way I wouldn’t have previously deemed possible. Once all this is over, I’ll write all about it properly.


Something has occurred to me though. We often pray for healing and deliverance (I certainly have) when illness and troubles rear their head. It is an understandable impulse, but it can reflect our own self-centred plans and perceptions. In reality, such hopes are perhaps seeking to opt out of that character-building and perseverance the Bible associates with seasons of suffering. In looking to bypass the difficult times we may be asking to miss out on those experiences that do most to forge our faith. Likewise, the ‘event healings’ that we presume would most glorify God, were they to occur, might in some cases prove a sideshow from the real witness of living faithfully in a fallen and frustrating world with eyes set firm upon Him.


God is being good. There has been more exciting progress made in our marriage, our friendships, our walk with God and our evangelism to others in the past month than in the whole of last year lived three times over. I want to make clear, lest anyone mistake this radio silence for a spiritual lull or bemused loss for words, that I’m grateful to Him, I trust in Him… and that I’m currently being given plenty of reasons to do so!


UNRELATED PS: How’s this for more material to come… I have a job interview on Wednesday. At a Catholic school…


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