A little inconsequential bonus here – stashed unheralded between posts like one of those ‘Easter Eggs’ on a DVD Extras menu. A counterpoint perhaps to all the impressive profundity being submitted by others (in that the following is most certainly neither impressive nor profound!)


Yes God designed me male
With a love for raw statistics
A gene for DIY
Though I fear I may have missed it…

And God designed me male
I can lead a congregation!
Pride, drunkenness and swearing
Are among my main temptations

Now God designed me male
I’m no good at multi-tasking
I can either watch TV or
Have a conversation darling…
So God designed me male
Yes I’m fond of action movies
I like to win at sport
And I’m over-fond of boobies

If God designed me male
To provide and to protect
Then can’t he make me taller
In the hope I’ll gain respect?

Well God designed me male
No I never read instructions
And I’ll always order meat
If we’re dining out for luncheon

And God designed me male
It’s all part of his good plan
Though I must confess it’s tough
Still I’m glad to be a man…



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  1. Jim Thornber on

    Thanks for that. I don’t read a lot of blogged poetry because most of it is overly simplistic, too sentimental, or just bad. Your poem made me smile, and at 6:00 a.m. that’s a good thing.



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