This is a blog charting my progress as a Bible-believing Christian living in the real world. It is intended for Christian readers, in order that they may feel heartened by discovering they’re not the only one that finds it tough. I occasionally self-analyse, occasionally engage with issues facing the church or the Christian, and sometimes just report on my happenings, albeit with a Christian perspective. Please don’t hammer me if you wander in as a non-believer. I am only too happy to argue with you elsewhere, but this site is not intended for apologetics.

The blog moved to WordPress at the beginning of February 2009 having been on blogsome until then. I have reposted some of the more worthwhile blogs from that time, albeit without the comments attached (my technical expertise is not up to that!).

For what it’s worth, I am a (virtually) 30 year old married bloke who recommitted his life to Christianity about 2 and a half years back. Most of my mates are still non-Christians and I try to strike the balance between not now acting like a weirdo around them, but then not compromising my obligation to behave in a righteous manner whilst spreading the news of salvation either. Its tough…


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