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The third most popular radio chat show host in America calls himself Michael Savage. He is a well known and influential character with a best-selling book behind him. He is now famous on this side of the Atlantic having been named last week on a government list of those refused entry into the UK for ‘inciting hatred’ in their public pronouncements.

Why can’t Michael Savage come into the UK? Because his views are right-wing? Because he offends Muslims? Because he has made controversial statements regarding rape? This case is important – really it is. He is not a convicted criminal – in fact no-one has even suggested this man has committed a crime. He is not some bloodthirsty extremist inciting violence or murder. He is simply an individual whose views do not chime with the government of the day. The precedent is appalling, particularly when considered alongside the observations I have made regarding the increasingly politically incorrect standing of biblical Christianity. How long before the next preacher invited to speak at a London Men’s Convention finds himself barred entry for his ‘hateful’ opposition to homosexuality or Islam?

My point is not to defend the views of Michael Savage – I know little about him and, having investigated his website and Wikipedia, I feel little urge to know more. He lost me at once with his first pronouncement upon finding he was an enemy of our state; a lame and ignorant piece of sarcasm about how he’d been planning to come to the UK for ‘dental work’ and ‘fine cuisine’. Neither is my point to once again state that Christianity stands in danger of falling foul of our government’s worldview and agenda. No, what riles me on this occasion is simply…

What gives politicians the right to decide whose views are right or wrong??

What’s more, why is it so terrible for an individual or group to be offended or upset? Why, even within that, is it worse for the homosexual community to be offended than for the Christian community? Why, looking deeper, is someone’s sexuality more valid as grounds for offence than someone’s faith? There is so much selectivity in playing this game… The Bible offends many; so does eating meat; so do hip-hop videos; so do overly short skirts; so does pornography in newsagents; so does the show Big Brother. Are we to ban them all until we live entirely in bubble-wrapped ‘safety’?? Let the preacher preach! Let the BNP campaign and thus reveal their own idiocy unhindered! Let Michael Savage get his teeth done! And let people make up their own minds – punishing them only if their opinions lead to actions which infringe provably upon the freedom or safety of others.

I know it’s a cheap blow in the week of ‘Expenses-Gate’, but I really don’t trust Westminster to have the last word when it comes to making moral judgements. Why would I? Upon what is this morality based? Find me 5 people anywhere who do in fact see them as our moral authority… No, I’ll stick to the ancient but relevant, means tested, divinely authored yardstick of biblical truth. Shorn of it we are left merely with subjective opinions, and I don’t particularly trust that of the Labour Party leadership. Who does?

PS I am currently re-reading my favourite book; Orwell’s ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’. Expect a resultant spate of anti big government posts and ‘thought police’ analogies!

PPS Has your work bathroom now got one of those government signs giving step-by-step instructions on how to wash your hands? I mean, honestly… Why not remind me how to wipe up whilst I’m in there?