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new20home20card20webHello. Andybeingachristian is now on WordPress! I have moved over some of the best-read posts from the past couple of years on blogsome, as you can see below. Exporting posts is one of the many things blogsome does badly, so I have painstakingly copy & pasted over 21,000 words whilst the snow falls outside! Other things it does badly include formatting, stats provision and RSS feeds – hence the move here!

Let me just restate my reasons for doing this…

  • Selfish reasons: I like to order my thoughts by writing them down. I often feel a bit confused and bemused by the daily reality of this walk with God and I find it enormously helpful to articulate my struggles on (virtual) paper.
  • Selfless reasons: It is apparent that I’m not the only one who finds it tough wanting to be like Jesus, but in fact being a big old sinner in a big old sinful world. There are those who I know find it encouraging to see that I’m a bigger loser than they are, and thus feel heartened to carry on running the race!
  • God graciously gave me an ability to write half-decently and I want to use it for Him! I could happily spend all my time writing about movies, the British Empire, football and attempting to be funny. There is a time and a place for all those things. However, there is also a need for me to prioritise, to think about, to hold myself accountable regarding, and to assess that which is most important – my relationship with my creator and saviour.

Hope you enjoy… (and subscribe via RSS – click on that orange logo on the toolbar above and paste it into your Windowns feed list (next to ‘history’ on the left side of your browser) or Google Reader (sign up – it’s great!). Can I also encourage everyone to peruse other Christian blogs as listed down the right. There’s a lot of important and thought-provoking stuff getting discussed all the time!